Zena is an international choreographer and Presenter who now travels the world and international conventions, delivering innovative performances and electrifying shows to her fans and students. With a career spanning more than 10 years already behind her, Zena transmits in class and through her choreographies stories and ideas with passion, inspiration and integrity. She deploys a unique energy on stage and demonstrates great choreographic creativity.

Lover of music of all kinds, Zena loves teaching and brings to her classes a fusion of hip-hop, street jazz, house, jazz funk, aerobics, fitness, lyric and dance hall. She pushes her students to pair their internal grooves with great technical precision and emotional generosity, while exploring the rhythms and lyrics of the music.


  • Nageuse olympique Sydney 2000
  • Sénégal recordwoman en natation 1994-2000
  • Chorégraphe / danseuse, Gala Louis Vuitton 2013
  • Vice-Championne du monde de Step, FISAF 2010
  • International fitness présenter depuis 2011 
  • ISVP Broadway Dance Center,  New-York 2015 
  • Reebok Athlète France 2015 
  • Rimini Wellness Reebok Ambassador  2015-2019
  • Fondatrice de l’école de formation EuroEducation France depuis 2016
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